Construction firms putting drones or small UAVs to work for a growing list of data gathering tasks include:

  • Aerial surveying
  • Site inspection and monitoring
  • Marketing your construction firm

JOBSITE Monitoring, Surveying and Inspection using small Drone video

My short construction career  taught me that reliable Arial Data is imperative for effective communications.  AS you compile and organize more data, you are able to make more informed decisions that lead to a variety of solutions.  Drones offer a powerful and unmatched ability over airplanes and helicopters to gather data quickly, easily and accurately.  Quadcopters can do so much more than take pictures.  You understand daily and even, hourly production rates, which allow you to manage jobs smarter.

I took arial photos of job site construction phases from my real airplane as marketing tool.

More Construction Arial Images CLICK HERE

Construction drones will inevitably become indispensable in day-to-day operations.


Drones bring attractive new perspectives for construction project marketing and advertising. 
Although UAVs demonstrate tremendous promise in construction, that’s not to say they have not also presented some unintended challenges. Many firms are finding it much easier to purchase a drone than it is to actually operate one. Indeed, several firms have spent thousands of dollars on brand-new drone equipment only to have them promptly crash. Other firms struggle to make sense of captured data, as it may be low quality or beyond processing abilities. In the end, businesses are increasingly relying on commercially certified companies to provide aerial imaging solutions and subject matter expertise.

Project coordination has historically challenged construction manager’s oversight and client relations. Whether collaborating amongst various building trades (e.g. electricity, steel reinforcement, thermal insulation, roofing) or coordinating between different crews, project managers have frequently encountered a lack of reliable data. Many have turned to the Big Picture or bird’s-eye views, however traditional aerial camera methods with airplanes or helicopters and even Arial lifts and cranes have been both time-consuming and expensive. 

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