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How drones fly: Hover

When a quadcopter hovers, there are two opposite rotors that spin clockwise, while the other rotors spin counterclockwise. To keep the drone stable, all the rotors are powered equally.

How drones fly: Acceleration

In hover mode, the quadcopter is stabilized because the rotors are all given the same amount of power, but it’s a different story when the drone starts moving. In order for the quadcopter to accelerate forward, the power in the front two rotors are decreased, while the power in the rear rotors are increased. Similarly, when the drone accelerates left, the two rotors on the left side are decreased, while the rotors on the right side are given more power.

How drones fly: Turning
A quadcopter turns by power shifting the clockwise and counterclockwise rotors.
In order for a drone to turn right, the two oppositely placed clockwise rotors are 

decreased, while the power in the counterclockwise rotors are increased.

As the the clockwise rotors decrease in power to turn, the counterclockwise rotors receive more power to stabilize the drone.

Basically, a drone’s flight is all controlled by a constant shift of power to the rotors. In every situation besides hovering, the quadcopter’s rotors experience a decrease of power in two of its rotors, while the other two rotors stabilize the drone by increasing its power intake.  By:   

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