Wind Turbin Inspection

Autononmous Drones and Automatic Data Collection 

Real Time Photo of Wind Turbin Construction

My Project Plan Model was derived originally from my 1st company EduTEC.  I created the Master Plan and you can use it to create your own autonomous drone; automatic data collection system to inspect wind farms.

My aviation passion and automatic data collection and electronic intstrumentation career and jobs in construction and hydraulic technologies provides me the experience to create safe and secure automatic data collection and inspection Wind Turbine projects.  
To evaluate suppliers on your own.

My Wind Turbine Inspection system includes 3 autonoumous robotic drones, 6 X 12 trailer with a Gator .  The trailer is outfited with computers, software programs, sensors,  and spare drone, spare parts, using my  vision system with automatic data collection and realtime management. 

Here is a Gantry Vision Inspection System I was proposing at Sauer Danfoss before a lay off. 

Learn from these internet resources on your own about Vision systems.  

Here is an example of UAV Mobile Station 

My Dad, Thomas Olson owned PEC, Inc.; Props, Engines and Controls.  

He inspected and balanced propellers for high performance aircraft, primarily Beechcraft Barons and Bonanzas.  He would use a light bar similar to a black light used in taverns to check for ID or a highlighted stamp.  Similarly used to find hairline cracks and defects in propellors.

The light would find cracks, chips, divots and other damage and then he would perform propeller balancing.  I would help by filing a rock divot so the prop wouldn't crack and then I would turn the prop around and file out an equal amount to the opposite blade until it was statically balanced.

This aircraft "Best Practice" process can be used to inspect and balance wind Turbine Blades.  If there are missing VG's (Vortex Generators) on one blade you would replace the VG or remove from the other blades until VG's are replaced.

I have a broad based knowledge of motor controls, airfoils, hydraulics and pneumatics, programmable controllers and electronics and have been flying R/C model since 1964 and licenced pilot since 1974.

Regular photographic inspections of wind turbine rotor surfaces will detect surface cracks or irregularities, an indication of pending structural failure.


Traditional methods for turbine inspection like the Cherry Picker, service platform, hydraulic crane or rope descent andbeing suspended in a harness for long periods of time..  These service platforms involve heavy equipment and climbing which is time consuming, costly and very dangerous.


Drones are safer, more efficient, faster and cheaper than climbing and visually inspecting blades for defects.  Inspection times are lower and down time of turbines are lower.  High resolution images, full HD recordings and multi-spectral thermal imaging are lower costs.

When does a blade strike require inspection?  What do insurance companies say?  


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