Monday, December 29, 2014

Dronesharks cover Google Earth. FAA Drone rules benefit Iowa Farmers. UAV Farmland Seminar June 13, 2015 in Cambridge, IA

Mission planning software is used to select farm through Google Maps.   Scan entire field in minutes to get "the BIG PICTURE" from multiple cameras, sensors and angles.   This is more efficient, cost-effective and safer while eliminating soil compaction and crop damage, reducing applicator exposure to chemical levels and plant health data are fully integrated into precision agriculture systems.


  1. Agriculture is expected to be one of the biggest potential markets for drones in the U.S. Radio Controlled aircraft (drones, UAVs) are the missing piece in precision agriculture that will take the world to the next level of production necessary to feed an exploding population. The Drone Shark community will mechanize farming to encourage younger generations to stay on family farms.

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